Last day of 2008. . . part II

December 31st, 2008 by PT

18102003 活動
以前, 我覺得edwin很cute XD



Last day of 2008. . . part I

December 31st, 2008 by PT

For some laughter >.< well, i guess, erm erm. . .

And as I scan thru my load of Joey pix. . . i found this ^_^

xmasy blog :D

December 27th, 2008 by PT

Xmas is over. . . n i haven blog a thing about it = = i seriously think i am eatin too much in the last few days. . . totalli non stop >.<

Xmas eve was at aunti jean place, food was to be prepared by mel. . . mi, mel and her best fren lucille (i tink this is how its spelt) dominated the kitchen to help but e adults were irritatin though, sayin this sayin tat. . . n as usual, mi n mel shook our heads over my mother who was tryin to serve the turkey meat in her hotel style. . . in 2 plates when we were short of plates! then a certain aunti came in and insisted we bring out the cream sauce for the Fusilli n after heatin up a bottle, it was left almost untouched at the table >.< my mum again left lucille, includin we 2 shakin our heads when she keeps tellin us the right way to heat up the sauce = =

Despite e naggins, we had fun though. . . n as usual, my mom bought mi a tee tat i cant wear >.< n zhaoshan thanked his lucki stars tat she didnt get him any underwear to show off in front of mel classmates!!! Fun is always there when cousins gossip about their parents! lolx. . .

Xmas day was at aunti mich house. . . we had CRABS! n miso soup which was forgotten XD we were playin WII n munchin on the tidbits from Japan. . . tat KOBE beef!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhh. . . makes mi hungreeeeeeee. . .

Boxing day was wif RIM peeps, dotty, mouse, cpoh, freddy, bgoh, moo moo, brong, kal n richard, we had dinner n headed down for drinks at Red Dot Brewary. . . GREEN BEER!!! and it was real GREEN! no kiddin. . . lolx. . . i left earli though, had somethin else on n went for 2nd round wif Ting afterwards. . .

Today went kino wif AY, swept 3 books. . . then off to meet LT n her fren for dinner at Sakae. . . didnt noe the one at Heeren closed down, we ended up walkin to Wheelock, shun bian go applestore got the trackpad protector ^_^ i am loving my macbook! hehehehe. . . anyway, we went back to kino again coz LT wanted to buy anchee min book thxz to AY, n i ended sweepin another 2 books off the shelf. . . 5 books in total. . .

I need go buy empty DVDs. . . i got lots of shows to burn >.< hdd runnin out of space soon. . .

Wif no albums this year, i totalli forgot about the Award Ceremonies tat i always watch. . . i muz go find a download. . . lolx. . .

Oh, darling. . . the mac office 2008 is workin good, u wan? hehehe. . .

N countin down to Red Cliff part 2!

My macbook! The trackpad is shiny coz of the protector. . . next, i am gonna get a keyboard cover and also waitin for my macbook cover to come in ^^


December 26th, 2008 by PT

Linda 這專輯雖說不上是頂級的﹐可是還是有水準. . . 我覺得整體上比林峰的好 = = 其中兩首廣東歌曲[一人晚餐]和[二人世界]都是國語版的cover. . . 值得一提的還有Linda作曲的[過山車]. . . 值得買. . . 值得買. . .

離別你不經異地     想工作暗天暗地
直到可困倦沉睡     不掛念你
情願我呼天叫地     總好過這麼顧忌
害怕走往日場地     倘碰著你會撐不起

誰若寄望替代你最尾都要放棄  只能退避
難道我這麼寄望有天可失憶     找到轉機
其實我很不快樂      想躲進暗黑街角
淚盡可痛快地流落   不知哪日會對愛再有感覺

誰若寄望替代你最美都要放棄  只能退避
難道我這寄望有天可失憶        找到轉機

誰若寄望替代你最尾都要放棄  只好退避


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