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The Diploma course. . .

Author: PT  |  Category: 生活中的無聊趣事

Frankly. . . i was looking forward to the class. . . yet , i am NOT excited. . . mixed feelings mayb?

The class was a miserable of 7 peeps, including 2 new ones which one was me, 2 werent there due to work, another 2 newer students didnt turn up. The modules wasnt started on par. . . some were left with last semester, some left with 2, others, started halfway. . .

So on the first day of class which was last nite, i was like “What the HELL is SWOT?” Marketing acronyms!!!!

As for timetable wise. . . i have 4 modules to do per week, starting this week, for 8 weeks before exams. . . yes, 4 exams of 4 modules in 8 weeks, plus project assignments of 1200 words each = =

4 modules. . . Marketing, Principal of Economics, Inforamtion Technology Application and Intercultural Communication. . . n i can say. . . definitely not exciting for these 8 weeks :(

Below r modules that r supposed to be covered. . . n i’m prolly only interested in those in bold. . . LOL

Business Writing
Creativity And Applied Thinking Skills
Customer Relations Management
Customer Service Skills
Destination Planning & Developement
Elementary Statistics
Financial and Managerial Accounting
Fundamentals of Speech
General English Training 1A
General English Training 1B
Help Desk Operations
Information Technology Applications
Intercultural Communications
Interpersonal Relations
Introduction to Hospitality to Tourism

Leadership in Service Organizations
Management Information System
Mass Communications
Meeting, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions
Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Management
Personal and Business Ethics
Principles of Accounting
Principles of Economics
Principles of Entrepreneurial Effectiveness
Productivity and Quality Studies
Risk Management
Service Logistics
Service Quality Management
Social Psychology and Communications

Training System

Hope i can survive the 2 years. . . cross my toes >_< all my Saturdays burnt. . . T_T

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