Me, Myself and I

~ My internet nicks are PLTANG or PTANG… adding 16 to the end if both fails?

~ 폴린

~ ポーリン タング

~ My heipi TAS family calls me POPO which literally means grandma… (thanks to someone, she says it’s the first part of Pauline tat sound like PO)

~ Buddies call me oi :s others call me PT or juz Pauline

~ An unbalanced Libra… 80% of the so call Libra traits cant be found on me… i’m weird :D

~ Am a super language idiot! can never learn a language well…

~ Is a travel freak…. I can decide to just fly somewhere last minute…

~ my fav number is 7….

~ My definition of Idols and Favourite artistes are never the same….

~ When i like someone, i can like that someone for a very long time…. i’m very 長情…. 很不要臉的說 XD
Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control


Mitsubishi Colt – July 31st 2010 to March 24th 2012
KIA Cerato Forte HB – March 9th 2012 to ________