Changed my site’s index page….

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I removed the existing index page and change to this…. lol…. that 2 little things look cute lah…. i juz couldnt resist ^_^

Photos: Gil’s Bday & Disneyland HK

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Was sorting out some pix, found Gil’s bday pix taken this year plus the Disneyland pix i took back in December 2010 XD

2012 Jan 14th Gillian Bday Celebration

2010 Dec 6th HK Disneyland

8 modules to go…..

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8 more modules and i’m finally done with the Diploma….. shld be completed by end September… gee…. September??? better not skip classes so i can “keep” dates for urgent “flights” LOL…. i want to award myself with a naise holiday after the Dip has ended…

Come to think of it… it seemed that i’ve miscalculated the holiday period in June? >.<

Modules left:
Business Writing
Creativity and Applied Thinking Skills
Financial and Managerial Accounting – Jimmy says this would be last semester…
Fundamentals of Speech
Principles of Entrepreneurial Effectiveness
Productivity and Quality Studies
Service Quality Management
Training System

Tempted to go for Jason Mraz concert… ummm….