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Stayed 2 nights for birthday celebration, was given a unforgettable one.

No free parking for in-house guest.
1) No self parking for in-house guest at the hotel (u have to park at the casino/convention area if you would want to pay only $6 PER entry.
2) Valet parking available only at the hotel for $12 per 24 hours for in-house guest. Unlimited entries subjected to availability. So even if you are a in-house guest, you are not guaranteed for a parking space.
3) Valet parking could not locate our car in their system and time was wasted.
4) Tower 1 Lobby driveway was in a chaos, cars and taxis puling into the driveway together creating a massive mess.

No indication of check-in and check-out counter
1) No signs, no dividers between queues. Everyone was just surrounding the counters trying to check-in.
2) Check-in took close to 20mins. Without confirming room rates/credit card on hold, credit card was charged.
3) Check-out at 12pm took more than 30 mins with only 4 in queue infront of me.

1) Tower 1 low level room was first given. Faulty aircon, curtain unable to be drawn, sink choke, lights faulty. Was told a 2 hours wait was needed to move to another room. Requested for a immediate room change instead and was upgraded to Tower 2 high level.
2) Upgraded room, all was fine except the door bell was not working. Every time we had to call housekeeping, they had to call the room to get us to open the door. Staff insisted we had the “Do Not Disturb” turned on.
3) Internet was at an astonishing $15 per hour, no free access which was a surprise for a 5 star. Probably due to the lower room rate we paid.
4) Mini bar had a 30 second rule, anything removed from it outside 30 secs would be charged. Small prints on the door.
5) The bed was very comfortable. The one thing that laid a smile on our faces.
6) City view was great. The second thing that left a smile.
7) Both room cards were disabled on second day after we came back from lunch. A staff by the name of Sebastian in the front office told me that he could not explain why was it disabled and blamed it on the card sensitivity. No words of apologies.
8) No newspapers

Security / SkyPark
1) Security at lift lobby randomly checked room cards for room access.
2) Same for access to SkyPark. Security did random checks and seemed to have double standards. One time, we were told 3 guests with room cards are allowed. Second round, 8 of us managed to go up without being asked for room cards.
3) Nice view in the SkyPark without a doubt.
4) No privacy for hotel guests in the pool. Guests swimming were like exhibits. Non in-house guests who paid $20 to the SkyPark could walk freely behind the pool.

In short:
Terrible management
Terrible customer service handling
Terrible knowledge
No smiles

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